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Investing Blog Roundup: Should You Be Picking Stocks?

As regular readers of this blog know, I’m generally of the opinion that it’s a mistake to pick individual stocks rather than use low-cost, diversified index funds (or ETFs). That said, there are a few exceptions. This week, Rob Berger of Dough Roller made a good case for one of them:

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  1. My favourite case for investing in individual stocks is because it’s a fun challenge. If you do it with your eyes wide open, knowing the research says you’ll likely lose — but you might win — I think that’s very different from following the hype from hot fund managers, or day trading indices or what have you.

    Thanks for the link today Mike! A rare week when you’re a bit too US focussed for me to reciprocate, but I may do a UK take on the multiple fund managers article (with UK/European laws) and link to yours from that (for a US perspective) at some point. :)

  2. I proved a few weeks ago I should not pick stocks. :O) Actually, a friend recommended some OTC stocks. It wasn’t a huge amount of $, so really looked at it like I was having some fun. I even looked at what my return would be if the stocks went to 0 and said, why not.

    Well, one has almost gone to 0 and another is well on the way. Fun over. :O) I also bought a few share of Apple. Going to a 1000, right?!? If you want to ruin a stock, just ask me to buy it. :O)

    Anyway, I didn’t go read the article, but I will.
    cd :O)

  3. Bah – what does Rob know? ;)

    I’ve always thought it would be interesting to try to outperform the market, but I’ve never really tried so I guess I’m not that interested.

    I can “make” more money by cutting investment costs than I can by spending lots of time picking stocks (assuming I was successful). I’d rather spend that time making money with my side businesses – or watching tv. ;)

  4. Good list of articles. I shall check on them later today. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Good list, I think Rob is a bit off though. He is already holding those stocks if he has Vanguard Total Market. In fact, the stocks he listed make up 6.87% of Vanguard’s holdings, see my comment on his article for more info..

    My comments don’t seem to be showing up

  6. Harry,

    Of course there’s overlap when compared to a total market fund. :) The point isn’t additional diversification. The point is improved tax efficiency.

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