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Investing Blog Roundup: An Experiment

It’s no secret that I think individual stocks have no place in most investors’ portfolios. I think most investors are far better served by a simple portfolio of low-cost index funds or ETFs.

That’s why I was intrigued to hear from Kathy Kristof (Contributing Editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, a self-described “moderately lethargic investor,” and somebody who is perfectly well informed about the benefits of index funds) about an experiment she’s trying with her own money. She’s taking $200,000 of her own retirement portfolio, putting part of it into Vanguard’s Total Stock Market ETF and the rest into a portfolio of individual stocks that she’s put together.

She’s reporting her results in an ongoing column: Our Practical Investor’s Portfolio.

I wish her a successful combination of luck and/or skill.

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  1. She’s putting her money where her mouth is! :) I wish her good luck as well!

  2. As you may remember Mike, I run some money actively, and the rest passively. (The exact amount varies with how I feel about the market — when it’s bearish I tend to get more active!)

    I keep thinking of revealing my active trades but I am worried about the message it would send out to readers, even if I tried to communicate that I don’t think anyone needs to do it, that few should do it, and that even I only do it with a subset of my net worth.

    She’ll get a lot of readers for this, but I wonder if she’ll make many richer! :)

    Anyway, good luck to her.

    Oh, and I look out for the Oblivious Investor Momentum Quant 4 Fund. ;)

  3. (p.s. I mean systematically reveal my trades / whole active portfolio. I absolutely do discuss the odd stock/fund now and then).

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